My time at Uber

In short, it was amazing.

The key to success at Uber?  Don’t overthink it.

While I have a very diverse entrepreneurial background, I was fortunate to work for one of the most innovative companies around from 2016 through 2019.  Working at Uber was truly a challenging experience that really helped me redefine old skills and define completely new skills.  Below you’ll find just some of my proudest accomplishments that, in most cases, still exist within the organization today.

2016 kicked it off. I was integral in launching the Houston market by ramping up onboarding of local restaurant partners. I cultivated and enhanced relationships with local photographers to take appealing photos of menu items for Uber Eats mobile application, driving consumer interest within the app itself. I facilitated training for the current team and newly hired contractors regarding best practices to drive utilization of the platform.

I also worked with the Sales Ops org to improve pitches and customer onboarding process through a closed-won sale. During this time I spent a lot of time developing internal playbooks that defined our standardized operating procedures.  These playbooks were distributed to Restaurant Launch Operations teams throughout new markets.

» Cleared a backlog of 110 accounts within the first week in role by analyzing business and delivering process improvements, addressing gaps and improving efficiency and accuracy of internal procedures related to sales, new employee onboarding, and support. I did this by creating an onboarding process that was immediately adopted org-wide within my second week of tenure, decreasing onboarding time from over one week to 48 hours for closed-won accounts.

» Supported rapid expansion to deliver comprehensive menus to consumers, prioritizing the delivery of photographs by contracted vendors within one hour, driving turnaround efficiency.

» Reduced 48-hour delay to set up an account to one hour following a closed-won sale with restaurant partners with an improved process flow across multiple teams.

In 2017 I then supervised a team across Houston and Dallas to simultaneously support restaurant partners and maintain best practices for internal operations.  I assessed and evaluated staffing based upon projected business requirements and compliance needs to maintain quality and ensure constant growth and success in the Southern market.  I created impactful content for local communications in collaboration with restaurant partners while also serving as the primary contact internally to clarify issues and processes. During this time I also created business standards for outsourced support resources.

» Queried, evaluated, and analyzed data to lead the sales team to effectively pitch to targeted areas to drive return on investment of efforts.
• Identified leading cuisines within specific zip codes to aid in a targeted campaign, enabling the sales team in adding 100+ new accounts to the platform on a weekly basis.

» Created SQL report to ensure accurate banking information was entered to eliminate payment issue support cases, resulting in automated process corporate-wide, improving the customer experience and reducing the need for support cases.

» Recovered $40K of previously unaccounted materials through the deployment of a seamless process, easing the challenge of restaurant partners returning damaged tablets, automating return labels and enabling $7K in monthly cost containment.

» Evaluated menus to optimize images, bundle items, and removing redundancies; conducted various tests, and subsequently increased bookings in excess of 15%, delivering repeatable processes for the Center of Excellence, Business Process Outsourcing, and Client Success teams.

» Piloted Restaurant Quality Program (RQP) across multiple test markets to improve online rates and decrease order errors, driving online rates 7% with targeted partners.

Yeah, I’m not done yet.

In 2018 I worked closely with a special projects team to launch and manage pickup and dine-in pilot programs within select markets.  We also piloted the virtual restaurant (VR) pilot across the Southern territory. Which is now widely known as ghost or cloud kitchens.

Also, in a continuous effort, I aided client success through  Salesforce Case reporting to collect and analyze feedback, thereby improving business standards organization-wide.

» Utilized SQL to create queries and analyze data to develop actionable plans for restaurant partners and cuisine markets, delivering robust insight into partner performance and create alerts for Field Operations Managers to coach partners on.
• Improved experience for restaurant partners, resulting in increasing online rates and gross bookings.
• Realized 20% month over month reduction in reactive support due to improved analytics.

» Enabled rapid launch and testing of pilot programs across target markets by creating process using bulk triggers via DocuSign, Salesforce, and mail merges to efficiently communicate with target partners.
• Triaged book of business of top partners, enabling prioritization to improve online rates by over 7% and grow gross bookings in excess of 10%.
• Increased average of closed-won accounts weekly from 15 to 100+ per rep, standardizing a newly implemented process for future pilot programs.

» Designed dashboards and reports within Salesforce to assist peers in improving time for resolution support, resulting in a reduction from 48+ hours to under 10 hours through effective monitoring via analytics. Increased feedback from restaurant partners regarding pilot programs using in-mail tags and triggers within Google forms and mail merges, streamlining a six-page form into a singular NPS format with autofill on click.
• Highly scoring forms automatically received no further action and low rated forms triggered a call from a Field Operations Manager to facilitate resolution.
• Increased response rate to 80% weekly per segment to rapidly focus attention in needed areas, thereby driving customer retention.

2019, my final stretch.  I was tasked with spearheading the launch of the Uber Eats SMB Client Success program.  This program would be collaborating with cross-functional teams including Sales, Onboarding, Support, Marketing, Operations, and Product business units to define, develop, and execute effective strategies growing value for restaurant partners and the organization concurrently.  This org would be, and has been, critical in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities to improve the client experience and recognize prospective revenue streams.

I proceeded to drive feedback for pilot products designed to drive restaurant growth and success, informing Uber Eats product and business roadmap.  For the CS org, I created processes and tools to standardize best practices within Restaurant Success and across the organization. Developed data analytics queries to improve partner performance on the platform.

» Pioneered Client Success Manager role five months prior to launch to hire, train, and onboard Client Success Specialists and support roles, hiring over 30 professionals to launch business unit.
• Scaled team to 102 Client Success Specialists, Associate Managers, and Managers, with the accountability of a book of business over $1B in gross bookings.
• Developed a peer mentor program for new external hires to rapidly ramp staff up to deliver internal best practices.
• Due to rapid organizational ramp up, the org upsold and cross-sold to top-performing partners, thereby obtaining 1,100+ active accounts to opt-in to program.

» Created robust Salesforce reports and dashboards to enable transparency into individual and team performance, cultivating a competitive environment to close deals, sign new locations, and exceed all metrics.

» Designed various SQL queries allowing an in-depth understanding of variables in performance for management and employees, resulting in increased call activities, an overall improvement in the partner experience, and negotiating power for leadership in handling price renegotiations through actionable insights.

Honestly, there is SO much more. But again, the above are just some of my proudest accomplishments.  If you’re reading this wondering if you should work for Uber, do it.  It’s not the startup-like org that it once was, but that’s probably the best.  Regardless, there are still arms of the business that are developing, and who knows what new arms of business will sprout up in the future.

However, if you are looking to hire me, then let’s get you back to this page.