Build the plane as you fly

My name is Benjamin and I've done a few things. From startups and side-hustles to amazing things at Uber. Read up on my blog posts or take a peep at my suggested links below. No time? Just join my newsletter and never miss a thing!

So Much Opportunity, So Little Time
In my own opinion very few people can spot opportunities as they arise. And out of that group only so many have the capacity to create a vision to go from A to Z. And then out of that group only a…
Unicorn, e-scooter startup from co-creator of Tile, shuts down with no money for refunds
Unicorn, the electric scooter startup from the co-creator of gadget tracker Tile, is shutting down operations after blowing through all its cash on Facebook and Google ads. In an email to customers, the company says it lacks the resources to deliver any of its $699 e-scooters, and will not be issuin…
Build the W for X, Not the Already Existing Unicorn for X
I have had one thing on my mind this week, and it’s Zoom. Why? Because the reasoning for Zoom’s existence is what many need to think about when coming up with the “next big idea”, which, should be…
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