Promote It and Forget It, They Said

Something weird happened last week while talking with a group of side-hustlers. Someone had suggested to “promote it and forget it” on Instagram when it came to running ads. I know, I was in as much disbelief as you are right now. After giving my two-cents on why that is a terrible suggestion, I decided to create a post on how you should run ads. Now, please keep in mind that there are so many ways to run ads. The outline below is what I have found to work for me and my clients currently and in the past. Keep in mind that a successful campaign takes time. It requires more than ads (a proper online store, pop-ups, a newsletter system, live chat, etc.) and a reasonable budget.

  1. Never run solo. Meaning, do not run 1 ad, with 1 audience, and 1 copy. Create at least 2 each and then mix-and-match to find 2 to 3 high performing ads. More to this later.
  2. Test before you campaign. Spend $5-10 per ad per day to find which of these ads works the best. Then run the rest of your budget with the best ads.
  3. Engage with your ad viewers. You are going to get comments on your ads, engage with them. By engaging with them you are showing that you are customer forward. BIG selling point.
  4. Be patient. Run your test ads for at least a full week before coming to a conclusion on which ads bring the best ROI.
  5. Nude URLs are not cool. Don’t paste in your homepage URL and call it a day. Direct specific items in ads to specific product pages and use UTM tags on EVERY link used. Google “UTM generator” to get started there.
  6. Remember those top performing ads from the first bullet point? Repeat the entire process. This will optimize the success of your ads and allow you to create a solid lookalike audience.

Speaking of lookalike audiences, install the Facebook Pixel on your site. DO NOT SKIP THIS. Why?

This is where I say “it’s that simple!” Though, it might not be. The biggest takeaway here is the patience factor. I cannot even express how important that is. At any rate, give it a shot. Let me know what you find! If you have something that you think needs to be added to this list then feel free to DM me on Instagram and let’s discuss!