Over 100 Side Hustles That You Can Start Today

A couple of weeks ago I ran a poll on Instagram asking if people had any side hustles. Shockingly, 100% of participants said that they did. However, interestingly enough, there was a near equal amount who did not participate, so I had to find out why. After asking I found that many wanted to but had no idea with what. In all honesty, a side hustle generally comes down to something that you enjoy.  In other cases, it just comes down to opportunity. 

There are plenty of things anyone can do, but sometimes you just need some “creative flow” to get you going. So I have put together a list of over 100 side hustles that you can start today. I plan to continuously add to this list and enhance it in many ways, but here it is! You will notice a few columns in regards to whether or not it can be done with no capital, a rating of 1-5 in terms of sizeable capital (up to $20k) and most importantly, the scalability rating.

In many cases, a side hustle does not scale. For example, being an Uber driver can be a great side hustle, in many times a solid path for main income, however, it does not really scale into a small or medium-sized business unless you go against the platform and try and reinvent the reinvention. 

Enjoy! And if there is something you think should be added then drop me a line!