Many times people ask me how I can just adjust with whatever that happens, I suppose most of it is due to me not caring about getting caught up in senseless problems.  But the real reason is because I have perfected pivoting as needed.  Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I want to be able to just change as needed but it is because I need to change as needed.  Sometimes when we are on a “war path” we forget that being able to change direction at a moments notice is key to survival.  If you see an issue bigger than your given task coming straight at you, you don’t want to just keep course and wait to see what happens.  You need to adjust accordingly to get around whatever it is that you see happening.  Being able to pivot is actually my number one suggestion when it comes to being an entrepreneur, as I shared with Red Beach Advisors awhile back.

Planning For A Pivot Makes A Smooth Transition

When you have that “ah ha!” moment and get on your war path, you do not think about what could possibly go wrong down the path.  You are so caught up in your brilliance that you forget that shit can still go wrong, sometimes real wrong.  Basically, the key here is not never start something without having some options planned.  Pivoting is nothing more than having a backup plan, and we all make backup plans in everything that we do, sometimes we just don’t know it.  Whether your pivot is triggered by a negative or positive, you have to be ready to do so.

For example, when I started doing freelance website design back in the early 2000s I had no idea about the chain reaction of services or businesses that I could launch to cater directly to my immediate clients.  But as business grew I saw the opportunity in website hosting and launched a web host brand.  That brand did so well that I saw the need for brand strategy and implementing social media for a full web presence.  On the flip side, I had other ventures with partners who were just bad for the brand.  It seemed like a great idea to go into business with them but their money management skills, or lack of management skills thereof, became not only bad for business but bad for my self worth.  I had a lack of experience in launching brands when I was a freelancer, and I lacked experience of working with business partners when I had businesses with other people so I had no idea what I was getting myself in to nor did I think of forecasting for failure, or opportunity.

That is where you have the upper-hand, I am talking to you, the person who is thinking about launching their first business or even getting into their first partnership.  You have the ability to study where people failed, where they succeeded, and even where they missed out.  Not only can you use this information to plan your sprints but potentially apply this knowledge to your own product or service offerings.  Having the slightest clue on navigating potential challenges will help you transition into new opportunities or around potential challenges that come along the way.

Pivoting Is Like Driving A Car In Manual

The thought process of being able to pivot is like driving a car with a manual gearbox.  You cannot just jam the stick into any gear as you please while keeping your foot all the way down on the throttle.  You have have occasionally let off the gas to engage the clutch to move into the next year to continuously go wherever it is that you want to go, even if it is just getting up to highway speed.  To put this back into an aspect of business management, you have to give yourself and/or team some gas to get going.  Once you are moving you have to let off the gas for a brief moment to see how everything is going, engage everyone in the next step, get them in place, and then get moving again.  Each time you grow your business more and more to get wherever it is that you want to get to.

I know that this sounds ridiculously easy, and it is, but you will see that sometimes you will completely forget to pivot when a fire is lit under your ass.  A lot of people forget a ton of basic solutions when everything hits the fan and panic kicks in.  Just chill out, engage the clutch before you even speak, and then adjust accordingly.