It’s a Prime Week to Buy a House

You can just about buy anything to your heart’s desire on Amazon. From common household goods to a farting Trump, and now…homes. Albeit these are prefab tiny homes essentially, however, whether you are looking to get off of the grid or just build something of your own it can now be done, all thanks to Amazon.

Allwood Arlanda – $10,895.00 & FREE Shipping

Ideal as a detached office, garden shed, or yoga studio, this 273-square-foot kit structure has large windows, a small porch, and a simple, clean design.

build a tiny home for less than $20k

Lillevilla Escape – $5,350.00 & FREE Shipping

Need something a bit more cost effective? Look no further than the Allwood Lillevilla Escape. At a whopping 113 sqft, this beauty is ready to be your she shed, dog house, or the start to your OTG empire.

otg home

Weizhengheng Expandable Container House – $24,800.00 + $1,000.00 shipping

Back on the high-roller end of things we have the Weizhengheng Expandable Container House. Geared toward those with an interest in sustainable design. This beauty can be yours in just 3-5 weeks and is made out of a galvanized, and light steel frame. It even runs on a solar power system; preppers rejoice!

Saracen Outdoor 2-Story Eco Home – $55,000.00 & FREE Shipping

Rule your quarter acre tract with this 2-story eco-home from Saracen Outdoor. What is essentially 2 40 foot containers slapped together, you can order this and start living your best life within weeks.