How to Lose Your Customers

So often we see articles, tips, and tricks on how to get customers. Yet nobody ever addresses how you can lose your customers. To me, that is something crucial and we should talk about that as much as getting customers. At the end of the day, if you are not keeping your customers then you are losing. At some point, you have to turn prospects into customers and customers into referrals. That is how you create a healthy stream of business.

The Biggest Loser

Bad customer service will kill your business. How so? 70-90% of your customers will stop doing business with you because of bad customer service. Now, you should have a healthy mix of customer service and client/customer success. There is a difference. We are talking reactive versus proactive. But let us focus on what makes up bad customer service:

  • 47% will leave after contacting you more than once for a single issue. Solution? Fix the problem the first time!
  • 43% will leave if you pass them from rep to rep. Solution? One issue, one rep, one solution!
  • 37% will leave due to rude customer service. Solution? Come on…
  • 35% will leave due to waiting too long to get service. Solution? Live chat and phone support should answer within a minute. Email support should get a notice that the issue is being reviewed within the hour. Be strategic with your support channels!
  • 33% will leave if your rep cannot answer questions. Solution? Train, train, train!
  • 24% will take their business elsewhere if they do not receive a support follow-up. Solution? Make your customers feel wanted! Get their feedback. If you have an issue that needs more research then do so but keep the customer in the loop!
  • 24% will leave if you tell them to do work. Solution? Queue client success.
  • 23% will leave if they cannot reach a rep. Solution? Be available and define your support hours!
  • 11% will leave if they cannot find out how to reach someone. Solution? Make your contact info and time easy to find. Consider a self-service knowledge-base, as well!

The Biggest Complaints Are Silent

Yes, review sites are real and are important. But did you know that only 91% of unhappy customers will not complain but will just leave? That is a huge percentage that will never let you know you are messing up. What is the fix for this? Thinking like the customer.

Think about the times you have had to use customer support. What worked? What sucked? Customer support is not rocket science but the impact it makes on your business is out of this world.