7 Examples of Creating Effective Facebook Ads

Effective Facebook Ads

You don’t need to be a specialist to promote on Facebook. It’s not hard to run ads that target exactly who you need to target. That said, your ads have to get the attention. More than two billion people use Facebook and millions of brands are advertising. Take a look at some of the ad examples below to make sure you reach your target market with Facebook Ads.

The Essentials of Great Facebook Ads

There is a ton to know about Facebook Ads but at the core you just need to remember what I call “VRVA.”

  • Visuals – People process pictures undeniably more rapidly than words. Make a point to enhance pictures, videos, colors, and any overlaying content to grab get attention.
  • Relevance – Speak to your buyer personas, your target market. Your Facebook Ad content, feel, and offers should align with the demand of your target market. For example, don’t target people in California if you’re restaurant is in Florida.
  • Value – Again, give your target market value. You are interrupting their time on social media so make it count, don’t make them hate you. What is the value of your brand and what is the value for them to click anything on your ad? It helps to think like a consumer and not an advertiser here.
  • Action – It should be clear to your viewer on what the next step for them is. Lay it out for them to view your products, redeem an offer, or download content. Don’t leave them wondering or struggling.

Keep in mind that Facebook Ads are not a one size fits all service. While it can be easy to use it is critical on how you use it. There are no optimal ad templates either because every business is different, as is every consumer. The ads that you will run need to speak to your target market, clear and concise.

In order to know what exactly is working then you will need to test and retest. Don’t run just one ad and call it a day. You’ll need to test colors, images, videos, and even the actual text to see what piques interest from your audience. Once you can uncover the why before you can define the how. Now, without further adieu….let’s get to it.


thredup facebook ad template creative example

For starters, GIFs are a great way to capture attention. Even more so when you use pops of colors as ThredUp has. The caption is short and sweet and conveys a solution to pain points that thrift shoppers experience. Their offer is also spot on with their market, who are budget-conscious buyers.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club Facebook ad for creative inspiration.

Dollar Shave Club is top of mind for many when it comes to innovative e-commerce and DTC tactics. They’re known for always using tasteful humor in their ads and it didn’t stop here. The copy pops on the visual which causes the viewer to stop and see what is being offered. The visual and copy makes it crystal clear what they’re offering.


HelloFresh Facebook Ad utilizing big offers, bold colors, and social proof to maximize their reach.

HelloFresh is not only a brand that fits the needs for multiple personas but they’ve killed it with their marketing strategies. For starters, this promotion will catch your eyes and appears to be unbeatable (and frankly it is). To anybody who loves to eat, these tacos are mouth-watering causing all types of senses to hit your body.

Going further, the bright colors are sure to stop you in your track. And then they dig into the details. Using “Chef-curated recipes” gives the perception of something you wouldn’t experience otherwise. Stating “America’s #1 Meal Kit” is using social-proof from the start to the bottom of the ad. And best of all, they used “Get Offer” as their call-to-action button which just really ties this all together. Well done.


care.com facebook ad example using video

Videos tend to be a bit more effective with Facebook Ads. The downside is that they can cost a bit more to produce quality video ads rather than pictures. Regardless, Care.com knocked this out of the park. We have social-proof using a success story, it utilizes friendly people, they added closed captioning to resonate with all viewer types (great for those who scroll FB and Instagram with the volume off), and their value proposition is on point. This entire ad just oozes success.


YETI coolers outdoor facebook ad

I love YETI. Not only are their products great but their branding is phenomenal. If you’ve ever seen their cups in a store then you know what I mean, the copy is just spot on to the majority of their market. But back to the ad. They nailed it portraying the outdoorsy spirit and then show how their products tie into anything that you can possibly do. Wherever you can go, so can your YETI Tundra Cooler. Storytelling at its finest here.


Nailed it. This video not only shows how they make it but gives you that old school in-store experience. In a blazing fast instant, they push their value proposition, testimonial, and product insight. Almost to the point that you completely know everything about Purple within seconds. Not only that, but they also push their 100-night trial offer (big value) and brag on their 10,000 5-star reviews (social-proof) to show trust. Not to mention, they tie it together beautifully with their branding. I can only imagine the money spent on testing and production here, so this is a huge example to take away from.

Xero Accounting

Xero Accounting Facebook Ad - value prop swiftly

Bing. Bang. Boom. If you’re an accountant then probably know of Xero. If you’re a business owner and don’t, well now you do. Xero kept this short and sweet. Not only conveying their value as a brand and for the user (30 days free) but also tied it together with a clear CTA with simple “Sign Up” copy. They really knocked it out of the park by having that link go to a special no-risk trial landing page.

Final Thoughts

No matter what it is that you are offering or selling, Facebook Ads can help you grow your business. Please remember that every audience on Facebook is different. Finding the proper format, copy, and offers that compel your audience to take action, while easy to do, is a time-consuming task. So remember that your ads are:

  • Visually pleasing but also attention-grabbing.
  • Relevant to the audience that you are targeting.
  • Provides a clear value proposition to your audience.
  • Entices them to take immediate action.

If you’re ready to get started but just are not familiar with the Facebook Ads interface, then visit the Facebook Ads online portal that is packed full of content to help you make the most out of your ads. And of course, if you’re looking for someone to help you at then give me a holler as I’m available for hire!