4 Steps for a Successful Personal Brand

Personal branding, everyone talks about it but not many actually capitalize on building a personal brand. There are already a ton of articles on personal branding, so hopefully, I can bring some more value to the topic with 4 basic steps to building your personal brand.

personal branding - build a personal brand
Your personal brand should convey to anyone exactly what is that you do.
Photo by Sarah Pflug

What is personal branding?

Personal branding is the practice of marketing your personal career, abilities, and life highlights. Your personal brand is what you are recognized for. The two are different but do go hand-in-hand. Not sure what your personal brand might be? Ask people what they would go to in confidence for. You’ll find out real quick what you need to capitalize on.

There are plenty of reasons why you should care about your brand and act on branding. Your branding will open up doors for new professional opportunities. Which means you’ll find a better job. This means you grow professionally and in return, you’ll develop a stronger network. And with a stronger network, you’ll begin to gain industry recognition. The cycle continuously repeats taking you to new highs.

So, here is how you can quickly get your personal brand in motion with 4 simple steps to branding.

Step One – Secure your personal branding

I’ve talked about this in a previous post – securing your domain names and social network usernames. This is not hard work, just obvious work. This will all tie together which will help you easily connect with people. If your domain is the same as your social media handles then you’ve already created a great user experience for your prospects.

Step Two – Build a great personal website

You can actually build a great website before you finish a cup of coffee.
Photo by Matthew Henry

You need a website to own and control your story and your vision. It also makes a great landing for search results and social media links. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a skilled designer to build a website. You can use something like Squarespace to drag and drop a premade website. You can use Webflow. You can use WordPress.com. You can even host your own free WordPress install with WooPilot.com.

My current website just uses the default WordPress Twenty Twenty theme. It’s basic, it’s fast, it does everything that I need it to do.

Step Three – Network

You probably already know that you should always be networking, online and off. Once you have all of your domains, usernames, and website setup; link it all together and then start communicating with people. Engage with the press on Twitter. Share your own on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Create YouTube videos talking about your experience.

use SAO to create personal branding content
Don’t stress about making content – just SAO it.
Photo by Matthew Henry

If you have problems talking about yourself then just remember to SAO. Situation. Action. Outcome.

Simply talk about a situation that you had at work or with a client. Communicate the actions that you took to challenge or overcome the situation. Then of course address the outcome – good or bad. You can apply SAO to everything that you do in life. So you now have no excuse to pump out content.

Step Four – Focus on the work

Shockingly, this is becoming an issue for many people who are working on their personal branding. They forget to build their brand. The foundation to all of this is that you put in great work for your employer and/or clients. If you’re not doing that then you have absolutely nothing to share.

Don’t let creating content or engaging with comments distract you from putting in hard work to achieve phenomenal results. Results get you praise, and praise gets you word of mouth referrals which are the best form of marketing.

Stay focused on the ultimate job – putting in hard work.
Photo by Matthew Henry

There you have it – you’re on your way to financial freedom my friend. Find what you’re a subject matter of. Illustrate that for an audience. Get that in front of an audience. And then just hustle over and over again.