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2 Simple Steps to Improve Your Newsletter Open Rate

Having a newsletter is one of the best tools to have for your brand. However, making sure that people are getting your email is a huge priority. Follow these two simple steps to improve your signup workflow and improve your open rates. I saw an increase of over 70% after my own A/B test!

First, you must understand that having your email address in your subscriber’s contacts is one of the best ways to make sure your email gets into their inbox. Knowing this you can then pretty much guess what you need to do next – give the subscriber directions.

Step 1 – The notice

Once your subscriber hits that subscribe button, you need to thank them and then tell them to check their spam and/or promotions folder for their welcome email.

Step 2 – The Ask

You should immediately send an email the moment someone subscribes thanking them, giving them some type of value, and of course, going for the contact ask. Gmail seems to be the biggest offender in terms of routing legit emails into a spam or their promotions folders.

Once that is done you should see a drastic improvement with your open rates. I know that it’s not exactly the most creative or fun email to send but it is critical especially, again, since your priority is making sure your emails are seen.

I ran an A/B test of my own and saw that over 70% of my subscribers who were presented these 2 simple steps are still opening my newsletter emails. On the other hand, only 36% of my subscribers who were not presented with these action items still opened my following emails.

Results will obviously vary and of course, I suggest that you run your own tests. Let me know what you find!

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