Benjamin Surman

I learned early on that if you want something you have to earn it. You have to spot windows of opportunity and then execute. As a kid, if there was a buck to be made, I was there. It started with trading baseball cards and then mowing yards. Later growing to become a self-taught freelancer and founder. Nothing has changed since I was a kid. I still seek windows of opportunity to this day and capitalize with my ability to mend creativity with strategy. Learn more about me.

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Latest Posts

How to Create Brand Loyalty

Let's start with the definition of brand loyalty. It is the tendency of consumers to continue buying the same brand of goods, or services, over competing brands. Pretty straightforward, right?

When the Going Gets…Good…Double Down

When your business finally starts to get traction, don’t give up. When the going gets good, double down to help your business grow. You can accomplish this on a personal and a business level.

Promote It and Forget It, They Said

Something weird happened last week while talking with a group of side-hustlers. Someone had suggested to "promote it and forget it" on Instagram when it came to running ads. I know, I was in as much disbelief as you are right now....

It’s a Prime Week to Buy a House

You can just about buy anything to your heart's desire on Amazon. From common household goods to a farting Trump, and Albeit these are prefab tiny homes essentially, however, whether you are looking to get off of the...

How to Lose Your Customers

So often we see articles, tips, and tricks on how to get customers. Yet nobody ever addresses how you can lose your customers. To me, that is something crucial and we should talk about that as much as getting customers.

Influence Your Customers With Font

Influence Your Customers With FontIf I told you that you could influence your customer's decisions with font, would you believe me? You might think I am nuts because normally we think about influence through content and stuff like buttons, call-to-actions, colors, and...

Stop Saying You’re ‘Busy’

Stop Saying You’re ‘Busy’Productivity, the bane of human existence.  The majority of people that I speak with are entrepreneurs, makers, or side hustlers.  Occasionally I will hear a reluctant sigh followed with "I've just been so busy" which...

The Government Doesn’t Get It, Or Do They?

The Government Doesn’t Get It, Or Do They?Or do they? This week Googles CEO Sundar Pichai spent some time with Congress. Whether you watched it, read about it, or were there; it was most definitely another episode of Congress proving they just don't really know...

Productive Habits Are the Root of Productive Time

All of the time we hear about how top C-Level executives, billion-dollar founders, big time motivational people, and others are up and at it early in the morning. And then so many times we hear about how every other Average Joe get’s up early too because “it’s what...

Start Saying No to Get Yourself Ahead

When you’re trying to grow your brand, or even advance in your career, you immediately believe that you must say “yes” to every request made by your prospects, clients, or boss. The fact of the matter is that this is not true, not the slightest bit. The obvious issue...